Sunday, February 17, 2013

An Art Filled Apartment in Manhattan

2012-12-03 22.01.36
Apparently it’s Art Sunday today here. Well with that said, feast your eyes on this beautiful apartment in the Upper West side that’s drenched in eye catching art. The architectural details are to die for too… Did I mention the views AND check out the ceiling!…

2012-12-03 22.01.13
2012-12-03 22.16.11
2012-12-03 22.17.34
2013-02-17 11.19.10

This one of a kind gem is for sale. For more details, go here. I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely leisurely Sunday afternoon. Here, the fire is lit as it’s in the 30’s right now. Also, finally, the forecasters were right about snow; we finally got a dash of it yesterday. It’s almost all gone now though, but at least it snowed. Finally.  Blessings and happy Sunday my friends. XX


faye said...

awesome!!! just look at that ceiling!

Acquired Objects said...

Wholly cow I just saw the listing and now I have sticker shock!

I hope you're doing well Stacy!


My Crafty Home Life said...

I need to see how much something like this costs...I can only imagine.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ABSOLUTELY breathtaking my dear. That old French style mantel coupled with the modern loft and art is a perfect marriage. FUN, exotic and pushing the envelope....every thing I LOVE! Good morning, beautiful ! Anita

Lisa Gordon said...

Wow! This is gorgeous, Stacey.
I think my favorite part is the wonderful view.
The luck persone who buys this one!! :-)
Happy day to you, my friend.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i'm SO THE girl who paints her ceilings other then white - if i can decorate it, oh i WILL!

The Snowdrop Project said...

Hi Stacey,
You got me at Apartment in Manhatten!
Hope all well and you have a lovely day,
Liz x

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

The ceiling and windows are just breathtaking!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


It is so nice to see your comment today! We have no school today but tomorrow, I anticipate teaching in a French class. It is so nice to sub, it really is.

I can't wait to get a photo of the boys and try my hand at it! I drew a little boy last week; I have always concentrated on girls, but boys are FUN to observe and may just turn out rather adorable! Wishing you a splendid day...loving this mixture of modern and classic. Anita

Fashion art and other fancies said...

My only wish is to move in together with you and family in the above art-filled flat. We could cook ackee and saltfish on Sundays, keep company with art, talk fashion and sip golden tea;)

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the ceiling, the huge windows and the art. Amazing space!

Glad you got a little snow. I'd give you ours!! I'm hoping it's done snowing this year. I need Spring and flowers!!

xx Elizabeth

zanetastyle said...

WOW, how smoking hot is that space! Love the ceiling too...ciao Z

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

wow.. beautiful interiors!


gilbert az apartments said...

That's definitely a great-looking home! It looks one-of-a-kind so I'm sure many renters out there especially those who can appreciate art will love it. How are the amenities by the way?

Sara Mueller said...

What a dreamy place!

design traveller said...


Tanvi said...

WOW! Simply WOW

∞ © ∞

homestilo said...

That really is quite the art collection: from top to bottom literally!

Anonymous said...

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Krystal said...

its not even fair that people get to live in places like that!

Tonia @ chic modern vintage said...

The faux bicycle on the fireplace mantle!!!