Friday, April 24, 2015

Home Depot Patio Style Challenge Reveal!

diy sandbox on wheels
We've been enjoying the space for weeks and today the reveal is finally live over at the Home Depot blog where you'll see before shots and get details on the process. But let's take a peek at some more after pics. Click images for larger view.

backyard patio

backyard patio

dining alfresco


branches in thrifted bottles

diy potting bench

the hubby made that potting bench

painted door

diy sandbox on wheels

dining alfresco

The boys have really been enjoying playing in their diy sandbox on wheels on the new patio!  For all the project and diy details,  check out my post on Home Depot.  Have a great weekend everyone! xx

images by me and Lea Hartman Photography

Friday, April 17, 2015

Masseria Petrarolo: Rustic Luxury Redefined

rustic details and decor in living room
click through for larger pic

I received this press release in my inbox regarding this amazing restoration and had to share! This is not sponsored. The restoration and design is just really amazeballs and I know you'll appreciate it, especially my rustic loving peeps! But seriously, there's something for everyone to love. Let's start, shall we?

rustic details in living room
click through for larger pic

Having undergone four years of extensive renovation, the family-owned Masseria Petrarolo on Puglia’s idyllic Adriatic coast, showcases a breath-taking blend of contemporary style and rustic luxury. Originally constructed to offer protection from Barbary raiding pirates, this former 17th century fortified farmhouse has been meticulously restored by a team of architects, designers and local craftsmen including renowned design studio Alexander Waterworth Interiors, whose previous high-profile projects include Annabel’s and High Road House in London.

serene bedroom with lovely lamps
click through for larger pic

Showcasing wonderful attention to detail, the Masseria’s high vaulted ceilings and textured walls provide the perfect backdrop for the rustic-luxe décor. Spread over two floors, each of the eight bedrooms enjoys a unique feel, some with open fireplaces, others with roll-top baths, French doors and stone floors. 

Equally attractive, the Masseria’s living spaces feature a blend of antiques, many sourced from Italy, bespoke modern pieces and talking points such as the 25 foot long table in the dining room. Sourced from trips throughout Italy and Istanbul, many artefacts reflect the Masseria’s unique Moorish and Turkish-influenced architecture.

rustic sitting corner
click through for larger pic

a beautiful chair
click through for larger pic

open kitchen click through for larger pic

bedroom with arch as headboard

romantic setting

bedroom with beams

light details
lovely details

rustic decor

rustic decor in bath

breathtaking bedroom
click through for larger pic

Set on a 75 acre estate only a few miles from the Adriatic coast, Masseria Petrarolo is a stunning 17th century farmhouse converted into an exquisite modern retreat. Sleeping up to 16, the Masseria has eight en-suite bedrooms (including one with an outdoor bathtub), three kitchens, a hammam, children’s play area, drawing room and dining room. Outside, the property is surrounded by picturesque olive and almond groves, and is home to a restored Airstream caravan, small chapel and herb garden. The Masseria is staffed and a private chef is available on request.

Masseria Petrarolo sleeps up to 16 people and costs from €11,500 per week.  A trip worth planning with some close family and friends so you can split the cost:-). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

{images and text: via Cedar Tree Public Relations Ltd}

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Decorating Ideas for a Dormer.

I learned all about dormers during the building process of our current home. When our builder asked us if we wanted to add dormers to a certain wing of our home, I have to admit, I thought, "dom-what?" and memories of college and dorm rooms briefly came to mind. I thought surely dormers and dorms have nothing in common... We opted to add dormers which cost us more, but fast forward to now and that decision has proven to be a very sound investment.

modern dormers
photography by Whit Preston

So what exactly are dormers? If you look at this picture, you'll notice the three modern windows in the roof and also the picture above, the dormers are those windows in the red like roof. Dormers serve the purpose of bringing in light and air into an existing space.  They are an architectural feature that add character and dimension to a structure’s external appearance. With our home the rooms that now feature  dormers would've been dark, dungeon like, and totally depressing if they were "dormer-less."

decorating ideas for a dormer
It's very popular to place a bedroom in a dormer.  Even if the space is at an angle, the natural light flooding in like above makes it work. The design of this dormer bedroom is streamlined and simple to maximize on the space. Below are some additional examples of dormer decorating:

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

a great example from the home of Life&Home at 2012

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

decorating ideas for a dormer

Does your home have a dormer or dormers? Do share in the comments how you've decorated or maybe you've received some ideas from this post. I am actually inspired as our dormer spaces have not yet realized their full potential... xx

{images: tumblr, pinterest, google}

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cacti Love.

cactus in the kitchen

succulents and cacti

cactus in living room

cactus in living room

cactus in painted pot
cactus in terracotta pots

I just love these prickly creatures and the texture they add when placed in interiors. However, one has to be careful to place them out of reach of little hands. Are you a fan?

{images via my tumblr}

Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting Colorful with Inside Out Magazine.

colorful bedroom

A trip to Barnes and Noble is high on my to do list this weekend to purchase a copy of Inside Out Magazine(one of my faves). I am already drooling over these preview pictures spotted here. 

mismatched chairs in colorful dining room

colorful design

such a cool design on the island!

I hope your weekend is as bright and fun as these spaces! xx

Monday, March 23, 2015

Exciting News!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but some exciting things have been happening around here, hence my absence. Instagram has become my second blog of sorts as it's so much easier and less time consuming to share there. With that said, I've already spilled the beans there that Better Homes and Gardens is shooting our home for their Christmas issue! How exciting, right? The talented and really cool BHG stylists, Christina and Kim have actually been here since Saturday. Tomorrow I get to meet the amazing photographer, David A Land who will be photographing our home and our family!

I owe a BIG thank you to Nicole of Live Laugh Decorate who told BHG editor, Sally Finder about my Christmas decor(i had no idea she was going to do that and will have to send her some bottles of Jamaican Stone Ginger Wine:-)). Sally then visited my blog to take a peek at my Christmas pics and subsequently sent me an email indicating that she and the team loved it all and like they say, the rest is history...

To be continued... xx