Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making Bold Moves with Navy: Before and After

This bold navy color makes a great backdrop for all the art and plants-design addict mom
I recently had the pleasure of sampling paint color from Aphrochic's Brooklyn in Color paint collection with Colorhouse.  The paint collection is a low odor and superior performance, eco friendly line of paints which is usually a prerequisite for me and the paints I work with, but especially now because I am expecting.

gallery wall- design addict mom
photographer of this pic : Lea Hartman

I decided to choose the paint color, Navy Yard  from the Aphrochic collection to use an accent color on this wall of art. Above is a before pic for reference.

This bold navy color makes a great backdrop for all the art and plants-design addict mom
 However, although I was drooling over the color because it's an absolutely gorgeous color,  I had to make sure it work in the space as it is. These existing aesthetics traits that already existed in the room definitely sealed the deal:

The white trim: The existing white trim would allow the navy to pop and we all know navy and white is a classic color combination.

The furniture: I was actually day dreaming about the brown mid century dresser against the navy wall before I even painted it. I just knew it would work because brown and navy is such a delicious combination! 

Art: All the art from the gallery wall would undoubtedly pop against the navy and it sure does

This bold navy color makes a great backdrop for all the art and plants-design addict mom

Since it is such a deep color, I had to apply almost 3 coats to ensure even coverage, but the paint was a joy to work with.  I loved how smooth it was. Also depending on the time of day, it could almost pass as black. I am very pleased with how the results. xx

An Inviting Home with Splashes of Color

A bright living room with colorful touches- design addict mom
Though I hardly have any white walls in my home, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing it in other homes. I've blogged numerous tours where white walls were the backdrop but they were always more than just white walls; usually they are enveloped in various textures, meticulously layered, and like this one brimming with splashes of color via the art and other accessories. 

Loving the mix of this gallery wall and a simple vignette of plants on the coffee table- design addict mom
A bit over 2,300 square feet, this beautiful home is located in Hellerup.  I seem to have a thing for homes in Hellerup as I recently showed you another stunning home  there.  With an eclectic aesthetic and an effortless mix of styles, this home beckons you in to have a seat and relax without fear of touching anything.

Mixing styles effortlessly in the dining room- design addict mom

A great example of efficient use of space- design addict mom
An efficient use of space

A place to sit with pretty art- design addict mom

A simple and layered bedroom- design addict mom

Maximize space by using unexpected places like these nooks pictured as storage. Also those rugs adds a beautiful pop of color- design addict mom

What a great idea to use those nooks for storage!

The windowsill is a great area to showcase your potted herbs, flowers, or plants- design addict mom

Love the facade of this home- design addict mom
Happy Wednesday everyone. Can you believe we're almost at the end of July? xx

photographer: Thomas Dahl for Bolig Magasinet

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Give Your Bedroom a Quick Refresh with These Simple Details

Lovely color palette and layers make this a very cozy and inviting bedroom-design addict mom

I would never be able to get out of  this bed in the mornings. I love the deep wall color and all the cozy details and have compiled very similar and affordable items for you to recreate this look. 

Shop the look:

Happy Thursday everyone!xx

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image: Real Living