Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint.

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint- design addict mom
     Painting is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to give your space a refresh. Right at the beginning of January, I decided to finally take the plunge and enter the dark side. Well, ok, I've dabbled on the dark side before with the guest bedroom refresh, but this time, I painted an entire room, not just an accent wall.

     I obsessed over painting this space a delicious dark blue or green for months, but kept changing my mind as I wasn't sure how I would like it, plus, it is very time consuming to paint this space with its tall ceilings. But I knew there was no escaping it once I started to dream about painting the room. By this time, I had already ruled out dark blue and knew it was going to be green, Benjamin Moore, Tarrytown Green to be exact. However, once the room was painted, I felt like I needed to paint the sliding doors on the bookshelf(originally a dark muted brown) to pop more against the green.

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint- design addict mom

 A before of the room with the bookcase. It has such a different vibe and feel now!  My initial thought was to paint those sliding doors on the bookshelf orange, but I talked myself out of it because I thought since orange is my favorite color that I should try something new. Well,

painted bookshelf
I did and it lasted only a day. I wasn't madly in love with the yellow and since I am such a passionate person, the yellow had to go.  So, I was back to having orange thoughts, but it couldn't be just any orange because I didn't want an orange that had too much yellow or too much black undertones.

Guest bedroom furniture pop against dark wall
     I remembered this orange candle that I've had for years and brought it to do a color match at my local Benjamin Moore store. That's when I was introduced to the ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint.  ADVANCE offers the application and performance of traditional oil paint in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water.  Once fully cured the painted surface becomes very hardy which meant the sliding doors on the bookshelf wouldn't get chipped easily. I bought a quart in a color called Jeweled Peach which  matched the candle beautifully. I also opted for a satin finish instead of high gloss.

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint- design addict mom

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint- design addict mom
I love the contrast between the pink(Benjamin Moore Pearly Pink) in the kitchen and the Tarrytown Green.

New paint color, Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green in living room
It goes beautifully with Justina Blakeney Nana wallpaper too. 

My Living Room Refresh Using Paint- design addict mom

A sweet spot to read in living room
This is such a sweet spot to read. 

Well, there you have it! The day was a dark, rainy, and cloudy one when these pics were taken(which is why all the lights are on) but the colors still shine through. As usual, big thanks to Lea Hartman for capturing yet another one of my projects so beautifully despite the weather. 

Hotel Inspired in Copenhagen.

That gorgeous green chesterfield sofa steals the show in this living room.
I am drooling over that green Chesterfield sofa! 

Inspired by their hotel stays, this Copenhagen couple who loves to travel set out to recreate the hotel vibe in their own home.  They most certainly were successful in that endeavor...

Simple and modern

Optimize seating by adding a banquet in dining room

A banquet sitting area

Beautiful architectural details

Such a lovely space with beautiful details

A sleek and modern living room design

A quiet place to sit and read and maybe have a drink

Hotel Inspired in Copenhagen.

The black pops in this white kitchen

Everything in its place

A sophisticated bedroom with a soothing color palette.

Plant shrubs in hanging planter to add privacy to  patio

Place pretty pink flowers on your coffee table to enliven your space. Loving the pink and green color combo too.
Such pretty pink blooms and there's a peek of that delicious Chesterfield again

Beautiful isn't it? How is everyone?  This weekend promises high temps which means warmer weather! Yippee! I am counting down the days until Spring around here. xx

images: photographer Bridget Drejer via Bobedre
stylist: Stine Kirchheiner

Monday, February 13, 2017

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.
If you don't know what to do for your child's teacher(s), this Valentine's Day, here are some fun quick and easy diy ideas. I did the one above last year for the boys' teachers and it was a hit. Such a cute idea! (via Brickyard Buffalo)

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.
Isn't this sweet? (via Cake events blog)

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.
Awww (via Darling Doodles)

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.
It sure does! (via Happy Money Saver)

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.

6 Great Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers.
Aren't these amazing? (via Funky Polkadot Giraffe)

Do you have a fave? xx

Cover Story: More Greenery

A beautiful collection of plants and colorful artwork pop against wall color
This shot of my home captured by the lovely Lea Hartman was on the cover of yesterday's Sunday Life of the Fayetteville Observer. I shared my thoughts on Pantone's Greenery and if you have time you can read about it here. xx

Thursday, February 9, 2017

10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.

A balloon bouquet for Valentines Day
Forget the flowers, just give me balloons! I can never get enough balloons and i use them every chance i get. Here are 10 fun balloon ideas to make your Valentine's Day extra special like that balloon bouquet above. He definitely has the right idea! (Image courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

So in love with diy oversized balloon heart by Oh Happy Day
This giant ombre balloon heart by Oh Happy Day is amazing! 

So Cute!-10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day(Nicole Prather Photography)
so adorable right! Nicole Prather Photography via Holicoffee

10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.
cute balloon card idea via I Heart Naptime

Beautiful DIY Balloon arch by A Beautiful Mess
Pop champagne in balloon style! Crafted by A Beautiful Mess

Decorate with Balloons for a Romantic Dinner at Home-design addict mom
Decorate with balloons for a romantic dinner at home.

10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.
yes please!

10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.
pink heart balloons for the win (via pinterest)

10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.
Take me away with this air balloon inspired illustration (via pinterest)

One of my Faves-10 Fun Balloon Ideas for Valentine's Day.
one of my faves! (via pinterest)

Which one is your fave? xx

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Want a SMEG in my Kitchen.

I love this orange smeg

A SMEG(Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastall and made in Italy) has always been on my wishlist. I was reminded of how much i love them when i recently read somewhere they are popping up more and more in kitchens this year. Of course, I'd choose an orange one like the above in Elsa Billgren's home spotted on sfgirlbybay.

Black smeg in industrial kitchen

Mint green smeg pops in this bright and white kitchen

beautiful kitchen with smeg and beams

Drooling over the mint green appliances and those beams in this lovely kitchen

orange smeg

So, what do you think-too retro for you? xx

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pink and Green-Bring on Spring.

beautiful pastel colors; perfect for Spring
What an epic Superbowl game yesterday! While not the colours of the Superbowl's winning team, teh pink and green color combination is a favourite of mine. This lively combination conjures up thoughts of Spring and I'm hoping by posting it here today that it will magically hasten Spring's arrival- i am so ready! !(image via vtwonen)

pink and green color combination-loving the brass touches too
So delicious! (via Conde Nast)
plants on pink
i just love plants on pink!(via plants on pink)

i love how the colours are used to define spaces here
i love how the colours are used to define spaces here(via sight unseen)

a colorful scandinavian kitchen
a Scandinavian beauty (via yellowtrace)

pretty pastel colors in the bedroom

Kit Kemp's colourful home
Kit Kemp's colourful home via(vogue living)

Are you ready for Spring too? xx