Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas at our Home.

Christmas home décor
Here it is everyone, nothing extravagant, but there is lots of happy in our Christmas décor. I stayed up until about 1 am a few days ago cleaning the house and making things somewhat presentable. Lea Hartman flew in with her cape and performed her magic in capturing our Christmas essence. Thanks Lea! No long narrative here as mama is super exhausted, but I hope you like it…

home interior design ideas
Our mantel is see through and double sided. I refer to this side as the modern side; very simple.

house interior design

Christmas Tree Decoration
For the first time ever, we have real trees. I bought two small ones. The other is in Zion’s bedroom.

Christmas Tree
An alternative tree from post its and Z’s small village advent calendar that I printed and made from Mr. Printables.

Decorated Christmas house
In the sunroom where the main tree is. It’s all about colour explosion in here!

Well designed Christmas Tree
Christmas special Home decor
The other side of the mantel that faces the sunroom.

ideas for interior design
Christmas Tree interior decorating
Interior design for home Christmas
Christmas tree interior design living room
Christmas Dinner
a simple tablescape  for the boys and myself

Christmas Table
interior design of kitchen
Christmas Santa Special
Christmas Plate
Christmas Door decor
Merry Christmas one and all! I may be able to pop back in one more time before Christmas day, but with my schedule, the chances are slim! We shall see what happens. Until then, stay blessed and sending lots of love to every single one of you! Muah, muah!! xx

photography by Lea Hartman

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    Stacy, YOUR HOUSE looks like something you'd see in TUMBLR! I wish you and the boys and your husband a great celebration of JOY!

    My goodness, your orange accessories are fun and fabulous! Anita

  2. Your house seriously belongs in a magazine Stacey! Simple as though it may seem, you added the right amount of decor to make everything Festive and so pretty! Love your tree - so you with all the colors and unique ornaments! your table setting is simple enough for any family with kiddos! I bet Zion is all giddy with excitement!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas dear!

  3. A very beautiful house - merry christmas to you, my lovely. Love the orange touches, like Jamaican tangerine;-)

  4. I absolutely love your modern and colorful holiday spirit! Great tour for such a beautiful home!

  5. So many charming elements here! Wishing you a wonderful happy weekend and Christmas holiday!xx/Madison

  6. I will never get tired of looking at your beautiful home! I love the way you decorated your tree!! We also have a real tree this year and there's nothing like that wonderful smell! Have a very Happy Holiday, my friend! :)

  7. There are no words to describe how beautiful your house looks! You can rock color like no one else!!! Love!!!

  8. oh my GOODNESS!!! I am blown away...and I had very high expectations! This should seriously be in a magazine - really really!! Next year, it's happenin' lady. :) I love every single gorgeous bit and am inspired to the brim. Now, can I please curl up in that perfect sunroom? :)

  9. Beautiful - thank you for sharing!

  10. Mama Stacey did a fabulous job! Very festive!! Enjoy this special time of gathering with your beautiful family.
    Warm greetings,

  11. Very pretty! I love the simplicity of your decorations.

  12. Right out of a magazine:) Your home is so festive Stacey!

    Merry Christmas and wishing you and your family and happy and healthy New Year!


  13. Such Beautiful & Happy home of yours!! Love it!! Sending lots of Love your way. Wishing you a very merry Xmas!!

  14. I love the Post-It Note tree and the color explosion in the sunroom, plus that first photo with the IKEA chandelier on display as well. Beautiful!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE TOO!! Your sunroom is fabulous and I love all your decorations. Really beautiful!

  16. Everything looks so beautiful, Stacey!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a bright beautiful New Year, my friend. xo.

  17. Stacey - what a beautiful job you've done to bring festive warmth and glow to your home. May we borrow your elves this weekend? We so need to wrap things up before Christmas!
    C + C

  18. You have such beautiful colors in your home dear! I also adore your mantle and your array of decorations - the snowman is too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. Stacy dear! I just caught your comment come through while I am sitting here at the airport waiting to board to get to California!

    Thank you for coming by; oh dear, my drawings are embarrassing! teheheheheheheh....but with all my heart, I praise His name. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Anita

  20. I love all those colours, the light blue on the walls, I like the mantel, thaqt driftwood round wall hanging above the mantel, the tree is so cheery and happy, love it all!!
    Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!!

  21. Stacey - you did such a wonderful job decorating your house. I LOVE your sunroom. I just want to cozy up in it with a cup of coffee! You did a great job with your table setting - I tend to go simple with that too. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  22. JOY - that is the word that comes to mind when seeing your beautiful home. It is filled with Christmas joy! I love your creative decorating, like the chalkboard wall with the post it tree and the fun and beautiful tablescape!! Enjoy it and may you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  23. So much fun and whimsy lady. Love it. I wanna come over and sip some Baileys for sure. Especially love that Post it tree! Too fab. Have a great time with boys and hope the hubby is able to check in. Love and hugs my friend.

  24. your home is GORGEOUS! i love the dining room so much! and your post it tree is genius! happy holidays!

  25. Your home is beautiful with all that natural light. I love the mantle and your color explosion festive decor!

  26. Love your unique and stylish, fun-filled decor, Stacy! Your colorful tree is amazing ~ such a fun tour, thanks and Merry Christmas!

  27. It's so lovely, happy and warm just like you Stacey! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend! Hoping you are busy doing fun things and staying cozy and warm!
    xo Mary Jo

  28. Gorgeous Stacey! I love the simplicity of it yet it's inviting. The color explosian is awesome in your sunroom. Very fun!

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Edie Marie

  29. Beautiful! Your tree is beautiful, and I love all of the color in your home. Thanks for sharing!

  30. So lovely. Beautiful doesn't even describe how festive, fresh and fun your home looks. Merry Christmas!


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